CONTRIB Launches a Powerful Fractionalized Stakeholder and Liquidity Platform for URL’s with Onchain Marketplace and These World-class Entrepreneurs Have Invested.

Dr. Kevin Hamm, Monte Cahn, Richard Lau, Chad Folkening, Andrew Rosener, Steven Sacks, David Weiland and others are stakeholders in the powerful URL Tokenization, Development and Digital Marketplace Platform, CONTRIB. 

January 27th, 2020

Have you ever wanted to buy or sell a small fraction of a premium URL? Swap Names?  Invest in a niche vertical of digital assets like real estate, cannabis or short letter com’s?   Now you can with CONTRIB and its blockchain-based eShares cap table and tokenized URL Marketplace, 

CONTRIB has launched the marketplace and eShares out of beta with 130 tokenized URLs like,, along with arguable the top “chain” portfolio.  Verified members can earn monthly income or trade instantly in URL assets utilizing the asset backed CONTRIB tokens (CTB). 20,000 URLs currently managed by CONTRIB can request access to a value guarantee liquidity pool from iFund after being put onchain with eShares.  “eShares combined with iFund are proving to be an effective combo for URL owners to balance risk-reward and unlock value by fractionalizing stakeholdership in a secure, transparent onchain system.” States Chad Folkening, a lead contributor.

After a year of testing, CONTRIB is opening up its Network for asset owners, developers, investors and traders to get LINKED to a Global Network of digital assets, powerful VNOC tools, flexible liquidity options and a large pool of contributors who can now create, store and transfer Value in unique premium URL assets, 247 x 365.  

Premium URL owners, techies and crypto investors are invited to contribute, learn more and see the platform live at NAMESCON in Austin or visit CONTRIB.IO for more details.

CONTRIB is a Transparent Value Distribution System for digital assets (URL’s) on the blockchain. CONTRIB creates, measures and distributes value in tradable assets onchain by using its native token CTB, powered by  Economic measurement and incentives are provided within a global, flexible Workforce by aligning compensation, accountability and deliverables.


Maida Barrientos- [email protected]

Chad Folkening- [email protected]