featured Contrib’s Chad Folkening – How-tos When Buying Domains

Chad Folkening has sold domain names to Google, Cisco, and Amazon. Here’s how–and when–he thinks you should buy yours.

To Chad Folkening, the Internet is full of unsettled frontier and affordable real estate. And he’s both a homesteader and a landlord.

Chad Folkening, co-founder of Domain Holdings.

He is the co-founder of Domain Holdings, a developer of online domains, and owner of tens of thousands of URLs, many of which his various companies have turned into profitable websites. And that’s big business–when it comes to selling the dot-coms. Recently, Domain Holdings sold to Amazon. Some other successes in its past are and The company did $10 million in sales last quarter alone.

In general, domainers get a bad rap. (Just check out the downvotes on this Reddit AMA, as well as the explanatory comments.) We decided to talk with this one about how his business actually works–and what you can learn from it when trying to buy your URL.