Venture Book

Venturebook is the brands initial venture proposition. This will outline the contributors initial milestone with a flexible corresponding value in Equity Points. This is the initial bonding commitment or agreement between recipients of venture. If the milestone is not met, the equity points and the terms will not be sent to recipient. This is outlined […]

Joining a Team

Joining a team is easy but not without its hoops and challenges. You could join as many as 20 brands  or teams in Contrib by just clicking Join a Team in the Brand details. There are 3 phases in joining a team. [ordered_list style=”decimal”] Role Application Phase Join a Team in the Brand Details Complete […]

What are Tasks?

Tasks are considered a piece of work to be done in a specified time. These are usually added with an equity time which will then be multiplied by the assigned member’s per hour Contrib rate. There are public or crowd tasks and brand centric tasks. Brand centric tasks are usually private and should not be […]