Contrib Wallet: Brands

List of Brands you’ve participated.

Contrib Wallet: Transactions

A list of all your transactions, including Verified Transactions and Pending Transactions 

Contrib Wallet: Transfer Funds

Transfer Funds – CTB Choose CTB from the dropdown list. Type in CTB Amount and Wallet Address Enter your wallet password and email verification code  Success Email received Crypto Verification Code With Reference Number Transfer Funds –  ETH Choose ETH from the dropdown list. Type in ETH Amount and Wallet Address. Enter your wallet password […]

Contrib Wallet

Your Wallet Address IMPORTANT THINGS TO NOTE: Your ETH Wallet address should not be generated from Coinbase. It should be an ERC20 wallet that you hold keystore to. Generate Wallet Address Click Generate Wallet Address button. If you wish to generate new wallet address, click Generate Wallet Address button. Success! You have successfully updated your wallet […]

Generate A Secure Ethereum Wallet

Here at Contrib, we try our utmost to have the most secure experience for our users with the rise of Ethereum ICO’s this year. The central component in Ethereum is the “wallet”. An Ethereum wallet is what holds your Ether and other Ethereum-based tokens, and conceptually can be thought of like a real wallet. Like […]