Why Contrib Profiles should be Filled out Properly

Contrib members should fill out their profiles  for more exposure and networking. You need this for  us to know you better and for looking on to potential partners or team.

How do I Complete my Profile?

Fill out your Contrib account  and profile details  on your left sidebar. You can easily add your social contacts, industry details and background.

What is VNOC?

VNOC is our data warehouse and company management platform. The teams, members, data and brands are run using a distributed architecture. Manage teams, tasks, servers, email, documents and other key  components of managing a successful business.

What is the Payment Threshold for Withdrawal?

A payment threshold is a minimum accumulated commission an affiliate must earn to trigger payment from an affiliate program. Contrib’s payment requirements is $100.00 USD – Minimum balance required for payout and  payments are made once per month, for the previous month.

Where is the legal docs?

In any business relationship you have, your contract or legal docs will document what you want and how you can meet your business partner’s requirements, especially when becoming a partner with a Contrib brand. All the legal docs can be found under your account settings located on the right side of your profile or simply […]