Is Contrib an Accelerator or Incubator Program?

Contrib is more an integration of both programs using our web-based platform to rapidly accelerate and incubate internal ventures of Global Ventures while offering Contributors opportunities to earn equity and cash around those ventures.  We love working with smart, honest and hard working people building great companies and kick ass things but are limited in […]

What differs Contrib from other Startup Programs?

We have custom build technology and tools sets specifically built around the url to launch success virtual businesses.  We obtain a great amount of synergies with our assets and partnership network.  The patented virtual business creation system was launched knowing that ideas without action and execution create little value.  Our customized system focuses on execution, […]

How do I earn through Contrib?

You could earn through a number of things in Contrib. Specifically these are activities where you can earn through Contrib. Referring people using your referral link, widget. You earn $5 per person referred and fully signed up. Completing eServices – public or by brand. Joining a brand as a team member and getting equity and/or […]

How do you contribute?

You contribute by doing any of these things for equity or for small amounts of money. Joining a Team for equity and percent of revenue Joining Challenges for Equity and Prizes Submitting ideas for a domain Finishing Team Tasks for Equity Finishing Crowd tasks for Equity Points Finishing eService Requests for money Funding development of […]