Create Wallet Address

Dashboard: Click Create New Wallet Address button. Click Generate New Wallet Address button. Note: When generating new wallet address your ether account password will be the same as your contrib password. Success! Your Wallet Address    

Onboarding New Team Members

APPLICATION PHASE Join Contrib ¬†( join an exclusive group of some of the world’s best talent building great companies and earning founder status and equity/cash grants Assume or Apply for a Role in Contrib or through Job Application Forms in any of the domains Fill up profile Follow our Contrib social Sign up NDA Upload […]

New User Sign Up: Equity

Onboarding New People at Contrib via ¬†custom contributions. Contrib Application Join Enter email and click Join button. Fill up form. Upload profile image. Social details. Industry details. NDA Agreement and hit submit. Thank you page. User will automatically earn 10 points. Start Contribution: Fill up form. If you wish to choose Continue Onboarding button. […]