Contrib Dashboard

Dashboard: Profile Pic Name CTB Earned Eth Wallet Referral Your Eservices Your Brands Featured Task Available Task History Earned CTB Dashboard Page Featured Task – search,  filter category, apply and earn. Available Task – search,  filter category, apply and earn. History – timeline of your activities. Earned CTB

Create Wallet Address

Dashboard: Click Create New Wallet Address button. Click Generate New Wallet Address button. Note: When generating new wallet address your ether account password will be the same as your contrib password. Success! Your Wallet Address    

New Contrib Sign Up

Create Account Email Input Fill up forms. Agreement Onboarding Verify your Registration – check your email and click the sign up verification link. Verified Create your Contrib Wallet – to participate and earn token from Contrib tasks, you must create Wallet Address. Success Your Wallet Address Invite Friends to Contrib for Free Tokens – share […]

Challenge Quick Sign up

From Challenge Site e.g. Lead Sign up Signup to Contrib Click I’m not a robot checkbox to confirm, and hit Next button. Proceed to Challenge Generate Wallet Address Proceed to Challenge View My Challenge