Micromarkets is a micro  tasks and service community where users are allowed to be able to post services in return for micro payments.

Micromarkets is a micro  tasks and service community where users are allowed to be able to post services in return for micro payments.


There are only a few quality reverse micro task offering where users can shop for services and post services for free and its important that we get one of the first to market this concept. We know that a variety of people prefer to outsource simple tasks online and a lot more would offer their services for pocket change.  The challenge therefore, is finding a thriving marketplace that attracts not just skilled people but trustworthy people who have trustworthy profiles.In the micro sourcing arena, Fiverr is the major player, but the problem is, Fiverr and it’s clone sites are awash with people who are not trustworthy.



MicroMarkets would like to set the standards high in looping in service sellers in order to attract quality buyers. The key is to integrate all profiles into our Contrib profiling system, where they would need to fill out more details of their industry, education, skills and expertise.


Many thousands of people are now using micro job sites as a way to make extra income. Many of these men are doing enough to finally be able to say goodbye to their work and create a full time income working from home. If that is your goal it’s certainly possible. In fact, micro job sites offering small tasks and services are  probably the easiest and quickest way to be able to do it. However, there are many things you need to do to increase your chances of making significant income generated these pages. It’s not just a case of putting some work on a website and sit back and watch the money roll in.


Allowing the global users more solutions to advertise their services is a great busines

  • Advertise your dream assignments & make money doing that

  • Comes with a simple concept which is easy to use

  • Easy site navigability due to clear & clean designs

  • Become a part of fun & active community & a supportive forum

If you are lucky or good enough, you may turn a simple gig into a full time high paying job. Many users have done just that and have lived to tell the tale. Who knows, you may be the next success story penned by fiverr.com! Even if you are getting some extra money on the site other than you regular paying job it remains a win-win situation for you. After all, how many people are paid to indulge in their hobby!

As, many people will tell you, compared to other job bidding sites this site offers quality work to interested people. Also, the customer services related to it are prompt and resolution of various grievances is quick and satisfactory. The staff here follows up with you to ensure that all is well and you are happy with the results. Open communications and good support makes MicroMarkets.com a delight to work with.