HAPPY Fourth Of July!


“TRUE PATRIOTISM SPRINGS FROM A BELIEF IN THE DIGNITY OF INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM AND EQUALITY NOT ONLY FOR AMERICANS BUT FOR ALL PEOPLE ON EARTH” – Eleonore Roosevelt CONTRIB and REALTYDAO greets everyone a Happy 4th of July!A celebration of INDEPENDENCE America now enjoys thru the bravery of all great soldiers and fallen patriots for this […]

New Contrib Dashboard… Coming in HOT!!!


“Progress without change is impossible and those who cannot change their Minds (Dashboards) cannot change anything” – George Bernard Shaw This is why we constantly adapt, modify, transform and transition to a more relevant and apt UI to provide ease of use to our partners. Thus we bring you a new contrib.com Dashboard. Here is […]

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano Are Down by Over 15% Today due to INFLATION. Contrib and Rdao tokens remain unaffected?


The total crypto market cap fell below $1 trillion today. Key points Crypto prices fell dramatically today, with Bitcoin reaching an 18-month low.Ethereum and Solana both fell by around 20% in 24 hours.Higher-than-expected inflation figures and Celsius’s suspension of withdrawals were the main drivers.Rdao and Contrib Tokens unaffected by Inflation explained. Crypto prices were in […]