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We’re going GDPR compliant!

Going GDPR Compliant

We value our relationship with our community and your privacy. To ensure you understand the data we collect from you, how it is used, and the controls you have over what you share on our platform, Contrib is updating our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy. These updates will take effect May 25, […]

How Blockchain Businesses Communicate Nowadays


Blockchain-born companies understand that they must align with all values of this technology, and strive to be: democratic, open-source, honest and fair. These values must be present in all aspects of their business – communication can’t be an exception. If they ignore such angles, users may peg them as being just another unidirectional, closed, reactive company, […]

CONTRIB, PactSafe to Launch as a Resource for Small Businesses and Consumers

Congratulations Pactsafe, and Contrib! As part of its continual effort to reduce the pain and stress involved in the contracting process, PactSafe has partnered with Contrib to launch today to help everyday small businesses and consumers send and sign contracts on a free or pay-as-you-go basis. Check out the original press release here.

Contrib CEO : Thoughts on Burningman

Contrib CEO : Thoughts on Burningman

Before you head off to either your first time to BurningMan or if you are a vet already, I wanted to share my experience with you because I feel it is worthwhile to express moments, which are pivotal to ones life. If you leave BM a changed person because you hugged more people in 7 days then […]