Challenge Details: Signup for a Contrib account. Install Metamask and Connect wallet to your Contrib account Take a screenshot. GET CTB tokens More Details: Sign up for a contrib account.  To Sign Up follow these steps. click on the link below After signing up, you will be redirected to the Challenge Details page.  *Note: […]

The Inflation-Resistant CTB Token Economy


While all the crypto tokens are falling and spiralling out of control, CTB’s underlying token which is USD is still going strong. The way CTB’s token economy is designed is to allow for maximum growth upon contribution. Check out CTB’s token economy white paper 🙂 Download CTB Token Economy Whitepaper CONTRIB-Network-Token-Economics3

Explaining CTB tokens To Your Mom

daughter explaining elderly mother how using smartphone

Many people have had to explain new technology to their elderly family members. It’s no surprise that WiFi, social media and bluetooth are now understood, but new topics like cryptocurrency and the blockchain are still confusing. As a digital-savvy young person, you may be our best option for advice. So take these words from Albert […]