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Develop great Taglines-Building Brand Identity

Develop great Taglines-Building Brand Identity

Building Brand Identity – Tag, You’re It (via By Enzo F. Cesario in Marketing Taglines are difficult things to pin down. Some taglines have a certain force, a certain efficacy that makes us remember them years or even half a century later. The best ones even stick in our minds long after everyone… (more…)

Just in Top 2014 Brand Trends

Just in  Top 2014 Brand Trends

Landor Associates predicts top 10 brand trends for 2014 (via PR Newswire) It’s going to be the year of the fit, the empowered, and the socially responsible Download image Landor. (PRNewsFoto/Landor Associates) NEW YORK, Nov. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — In with the old and out with the new—the top brand trends of 2014 may… (more…)

Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter Traffic Referrals up 54%+ in Past Year by @dannywong1190

Danny Wong

A report released by my company, Shareaholic, a social plugin service used by 200,000 publishers reaching 250 million people monthly, reveals referral traffic trends from 8 of the largest social networks over the past 13 months. The data (pictured below) shows strong year-over-year growth for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, decline for StumbleUpon and Reddit, and […]