CoWork : The Task Management App on the Blockchain and Telegram

We @Contrib are so excited to be launching a new project on the blockchain. This project will be available in production as of this writing and will be pushed live on the blockchain with tokens funding its deliverability.

CoWork, described briefly is a fun and gamified task management app that lives on the blockchain and on Telegram.


Why did we create CoWork?

There are obviously a lot of task management apps on the web today and quite frankly, we don’t need another. It’s just that sifting through all of them, there are just some unique features that you’d like to integrate to the other. The result, we ended up doing it ourselves.

How difficult could it be to create a simple checklist type web app that is

  • collaborative,
  • has gamification,
  • communication-centric
  • and that lives on the blockchain?


We just needed a simple collaborative app that is gamified, and that thrives on the Telegram communication platform since we really do not want to create another messenger feature. We actually wanted Skype integrated but it would take a lot of dev or code time so we decided on Telegram instead.

We wanted CoWork also to be collaborative and we want people to become invested in making CoWork a great app so we decided to make our first few members, our CoWork token investors using our crypto url technology.

CoWork members will become it’s early investors and they will be given an Ethereum wallet and 190 CoWork tokens once they sign in.

Your CoWork Token

What’s cool and exciting about CoWork is that when you join, you instantly become it’s investor and Cowork will send you a total of 190CW Tokens which will both appreciate and decrease in time. Why appreciate, you ask? It’s simple, the value of the tokens increases when investors come in and buy into the pie. The number of tokens will decrease when it’s value increases for eg.

CoWork Investment $19

CoWork Token value today is valued at 0.10USDC so you will have 190 CoWork tokens. When others invest or contribute to the url the following morning, it should have increased to 0.90USDC so you will just have 21 CoWork Tokens. That’s a 37.5% increase! Remember how small Bitcoin was?

So your CoWork investment today of $19 insures you of buying into CoWorks pie. And yes, Cowork is pretty sure to be here 10 years after. 🙂

It’s Features? It’s on-“Streak”!

It is what we as a team wanted. I can check all the tasks on both the platform or the Telegram channel. I can create tasks and assign it to anybody on the team. I can invite anyone on or off CoWork to come and work on our project if I want to. Projects are done efficiently and on time.

It’s easy peasy and on-streak!

But you know, it is still far from what it can become. I can already see plugins or integrations as being a big part of it. Adding a tad more gamification just simple enough to motivate doers to get more streaks or tasks done in time.

And yes, we still have a few more CoWork Tokens and investors needed but hey, we’re pretty sure we can still squeeze you in.

Says he… 🙂

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