Good Web Design Starts with the User in Mind

Good Web Design Starts with the User in Mind

Creating a website is not that simple. It takes creativity, technical knowledge and problem-solving skills. Web design goes beyond making a site look aesthetically pleasing; web design is about crafting a user-friendly experience. From layout to color scheme, web design is the process of creating a website that speaks to the user.

Good web design starts with a user in mind. Think about who you are designing for: Is this a site geared toward elderly users or a young audience? Knowing who the site is for will determine the overall design of your website.

One of the first steps in designing a website is deciding what type of layout you want. Keeping the user in mind, a website’s layout should create an easy navigation experience. Avoid creating too many clicks and ensure that items are easily found.

Next, consider colors and font. Many big companies use their own fonts and colors, but it’s important to pick a font and color scheme that resonates with the visitors and works with the overall aesthetics of the website.

When creating a website, test the design. This allows you to gain insight into what users think of the design. Collect as much feedback as possible and use it to refine the design.

Lastly, make sure your website works on all browsers and devices. Many web designers make the mistake of designing for one browser, resulting in a website that is not optimized for multiple browsers and devices.

Web design is all about crafting a website that resonates with the user. From layout to color scheme, web design should lead to an overall great user experience.

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