Making the Most of’s New and Improved Features

As a growing business in the Web3 space, there has always been a priority to get the best contributors to collaborate with our projects. We are now excited to announce that we are revamping how you use Contrib to allow better collaboration and to get targetted contributors from the web3 and developer communities.

Contrib is a platform that facilitates collaboration between individuals and businesses by enabling them to find the contributors they need. With our new changes, we are looking to offer improved features for users interested in finding collaborators for their projects.

The main changes include better user experience, making it easier to selectively target contributors based on their skill and intentions, giving contributors better incentive to collaborate on projects and streamlining the collaboration process.

Users will also be able to easily count and reward top collaborators, keeping everyone in the loop in terms of what tasks have been completed and who has done them. It also makes collaboration easier between different access-levels, with managing supervisors able to oversee the projects.

We are also providing better search filters so users can quickly find web development projects relevant to their skills and interests. Plus, we now also have machine learning models which can use this data to recommend the best contributors for projects.

With these changes, we hope to open up more possibilities for businesses and individuals to collaborate on projects and overcome their challenges. We are confident that our timely revamp will create more opportunities for collaboration and further strengthen the web3 and developer communities.

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