What do these 7 top Domainers in the world have in common?

What do these 7 top Domainers in the world have in Common?

Richard Lau, Dr. Kevin Ham, Monte Cahn, Chad Folkening, Andrew Rosener, David Weiland and Steven Sacks are all CTB token holders in CONTRIB, a leading blockchain based platform and business model for premium URL owners.

Boca Raton, FL, January 16th, 2019 – CONTRIB secures strategic investments from some of the best URL entrepreneurs in the world to launch CONTRIB and the DANSE project. DANSE (Distributed Autonomous Network of Smart Entities) is finishing beta testing and targeting premium URL asset owners with a powerful set of integrated tools, a network effects architecture and a new fractional ownership platform for valuable virtual real estate.  The DANSE project was created with the goal of making URLs Smarter and more liquid with added utility value while leveraging its own network of 20,000 premium URLs, 120,000 global members and a powerful Referral system.

“Our goal of making a network of URLs smarter, more valuable while creating a network effects with crypto economics started with moving cap table onchain using our smart protocol and OS.  We created something powerful that brings together native digital assets (URLS) with blockchain and digital currency to create DANSE, the future of the digital economy.” States Chad Folkening, Lead Architect of the DANSE.

CONTRIB is creating a buzz within URL circles and now in the crypto ecosystem.  There are many compelling reasons why some of the worlds best domain owners and crypto experts are investing.  If you love URLs and follow crypto and blockchain, DANSE, is a big and bold idea in the URL space. Contrib is hoping to connect with other investors, developers and asset owners to push URL’s to the next phase of value creation and liquidity.

To learn more about CONTRIButing towards high growth assets with Contrib, please visit,, join our referral program or email email [email protected]

About Contrib

CONTRIB is a Transparent Value Distribution System for Digital Assets (URLs) on the Blockchain. CONTRIB creates, measures and distributes value in tradable assets onchain while using its native smart equity token (CTB) for economic measurement and incentives.  Founded by successful entrepreneurs with valuable underutilized digital assets, created CONTRIB to solve the friction of hiring and performance while scaling the need for a global flexible workforce that aligns compensation with deliverables.



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