Community Driven Virtual Outsourcing. Coming Soon on Contrib!

Why Communities are Key in The Virtual Outsourcing System.

Unlike other industries, blockchain and crypto weren’t born in the dungeons of a corporation. Crypto was coined, expanded, and democratized by communities from its very beginning.

In the crypto space, Virtual staff outsourcing or remote staffing is currently the talk of the town, and why shouldn’t it be! With the onset of the pandemic, virtual staffing has come into the limelight even though it was prevalent since the 1960s. We want to reiterate that when we say virtual staffing, we are referring to remote employees and not those working from home due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

Hiring virtual employees can have definite benefits for businesses as well as employees. It could just be the solution that many businesses have been looking for decades. 

Moreover, Community based outsourcing systems links direct employers to virtual employees cutting out extra costs generated by middle men.

Excited to announce that will launch a Community driven Virtual outsourcing system soon! 

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