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Challenge Details: Signup for a Contrib account. Install Metamask and Connect wallet to your Contrib account Take a screenshot. GET CTB tokens More Details: Sign up for a contrib account.  To Sign Up follow these steps. click on the link below After signing up, you will be redirected to the Challenge Details page.  *Note: […]

Dashboard 2.0


Contrib Dashboard puts on a New and Upgraded look! Website Refresh We’ve heard you and came up with a trendy website refresh. We have changed some elements, changed some of the layout and structure of the old Contrib Dashboard to come up with a better content management system, news feed style look,  and an overall […]

Take on a Challenge!

You can now Create and Join Challenges on the Marketplace Earn CTB Tokens the fun way! You can now Create, Join or Sponsor Challenges on our Marketplace. Signing up and doing Challenges are fairly easy. Here are easy to follow guides on how you can SIGN UP, CREATE, JOIN or SPONSOR a Challenge. CLICK on […]