Live Chat Support Now Available on RealtyDao and Contrib.

Realtydao and Contrib have recently added live chat support to their sites, so you can communicate more conveniently and quickly with us.

Moreover, we have added a knowledge base, where you can find answers to Frequently Asked Questions or get assistance on the site.

Why should live chat be added?

Based on feedback we have learned that our customers prefer live chat over social media, email, and even phone support. Why? Live chat support is fast, efficient, and convenient.

Live chat offers customers much more than just a faster and more convenient way to contact customer service. In addition to improving the support experience, live chat can boost our agents’ productivity. It can also help us get to know you better and inform us about your product decisions or suggestions.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 benefits of live chat for customer service.

1. Live chat improves our support experience for customers

The top reason why our customers prefer live chat is that it lets them get their questions answered immediately.

The immediacy of getting help is likely why customer satisfaction ratings tend to be higher for live chat than other types of support.

2. Live chat helps with customer acquisition and on-boarding

Live chat is a convenient way to connect with prospects and new customers. Being available to help builds trust, even if our customers don’t need to talk right then and there.

3. Live chat lets our agents build rapport with customers

In an ongoing chat, our agents can observe a customer’s tone and sentiment and adjust their styles to fit the situation best. By mirroring style or adjusting formality to match a customer’s, agents can quickly build rapport and establish a friendly, helpful relationship.

4. Live chat boosts our customer service team’s productivity

Live chat is also helpful in improving the productivity of our customer service agents. While a person can only be on one phone call or reply to one email at a time, with chat we can juggle a few at once.

5. Live chat provides 24/7 support

With careful scheduling, our live chat support can be made available 24/7, as well as any other selection of hours you prefer.

When chat isn’t available, we will either issue a support ticket or we make sure it’s quick and easy for customers to find their way to our support documentation. Just type your FAQ at the >>>search for answers<<< bar on the lower right side of the page within the chat box.

With your knowledge base and chat working together, you will feel taken care of regardless of what hour of the day you may find yourself needing support.

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