The Coming Recession is Going to Hit Crypto. What to do in this Bearish Market?

Recession is here, the largest in the world. The US economy contracted 1.6% in the first quarter of the year, and even if it somehow doesn’t contract in the second quarter, a growing number of economists are predicting a recession for 2023.

There’s no doubt it’s a bad time for the global economy right now, with inflation reaching 40-year highs and central banks threatening a series of rate hikes. It’s also a bad time for the crypto market, seeing as how prices have fallen steeply around the same time that economic activity has shrunk.

The ongoing pandemic is responsible for massive losses in the market.

However, “in the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity”

Albert Einstein

Because of various reasons such as poor earnings growth, larger number of sellers compared to buyers and weaker investor sentiment, it is normal for prices to go down sharply during a bear market. Even good quality coins or tokens trade at much lower prices during bear markets.

However, it is important to remember that although prices go down during a bear market, the drop is only temporary. Corporate earnings eventually recover when economic activity picks up, and this drives share prices higher. When this happens, investors who were brave enough to buy at depressed prices during bear markets make a lot of money. Admittedly, overcoming the fear of losing money and buying tokens is very difficult during bear markets.

What is safe to buy?


This is what makes Rdao and CTB tokens stand out as a good choice for investment even on times of inflation.

Just when BTC and Ethereum are dropping and the Crypto Market is at standstill due to Inflation. Rdao and Ctb tokens remain unaffected and Analysts are suggesting that it is actually a good time to Buy-IN.

In summary CTB and rDao are — Inflation proof and Now that it’s getting attention fairly fast we could only suggest that it is the best time to Buy-In and invest.

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With these tips, we hope you will be more confident in buying during bear markets. After all, bear markets provide a rare opportunity to buy token shares at bargain prices, preparing you to earn a lot of money when the bull market returns.

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