Moving from Telegram to DISCORD? Find out why…

With the need for fast and efficient online communication and collaboration solutions more acute than ever, the debate over which of the existing solutions best meet these needs has flared up considerably.

Telegram and Discord are two of the most prominent chat solutions. As such, they are at the center of the great debate about online communication platforms.

Let us compare Telegram, and Discord, more closely, but before we do, let us establish what each of these platforms aims to achieve.

· Telegram’s focus is on speed and security. It is keen on not sharing user data with third parties. It is simple, fast, and free. Although it requires its users to provide a phone number, thus compromising their privacy to some degree, its speed is an attribute many people consider by far the most important.

· Discord is a free voice and chat app initially designed for gamers and developers but due to its unique features, it is becoming the trendy channel to host blockchain and crypto communities. The platform is also considered more secure and efficient than others since it is composed of individuals who are more knowledgeable in the technical aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

An active presence on Discord will help improve crypto name recognition. This leads to being increasingly popular within the investment and developer community.

Both apps has its Pros and Cons. We can tell you all about the things we didn’t like with the previous app we used but we’d rather tell you about the good stuff that Discord has to offer that got us excited.

Discord aims for different objectives, as mentioned, but many of its objectives coincide with Telegram’s.

·Discord comes with a user-friendly, highly functional interface.

·It allows an unlimited number of users.

·Discord does not require software installation, allowing users to invite others via a web link.

·The platform features low-latency VoIP support.

·Discord lets its users thread channels and create bots.

· There are no significant differences between the free and the paid accounts.

· The platform allows the setting and targeting of roles, featuring many controls to this end.

Wrapping It All Up

Because of these reasons, some blockchain communities feel comfortable using Discord, while some prefer to be on Telegram, and there are others that are not at all inclined to be on messaging applications but are very active on website-based platforms like Medium, Quora, or Reddit. Our resolution for CONTRIB was to test the waters with our audience and measure the results. We feel, given that the community is growing and there is an increasing need create more teams to align and segregate projects we therefore chose Discord.

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