New SUP-X® Radio Podcast: Chad Folkening on Crowdsourcing, Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain

New SUP-X® Radio Podcast: Chad Folkening on Crowdsourcing, Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain

Chad Folkening is a very interesting guy. The entrepreneur bug hit Chad at age 14 in Indiana and eventually its tug pulled him out of college to pursue various real estate and other ventures. Attuned to technological and market change, Chad saw parallels to real estate but unlimited opportunities in the internet and jumped into domain brokerage in its early days, ultimately building one of the world’s largest portfolios, which he eventually merged into what is now Bidtellect. Along the way he has built numerous other digital businesses while also owning several historic buildings, an HGTV featured 26,000 square foot “extreme home” and a growing art collection, yet he’s otherwise a really normal, humble, midwestern guy…except that he conceptualizes digital businesses usually way in advance of others and he has the guts to pursue them, extremely successfully. Chad is currently very focused on,,, cryptocurrency, the blockchain and crowdsourcing and we learn more about all of those in this episode of SUP-X Radio.

Chad Folkening

Serial Entrepreneur, Digital Architect, Thought Leader

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