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How Big Data and AI are Changing the Way We Interact with Blockchain


How Big Data and AI are Changing the Way We Interact with Blockchain The emergence of blockchain technology has completely changed the digital landscape, enabling individuals to securely access and transfer data. But the ever-evolving application of data-driven technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and big data are making this revolutionary technology even more powerful. […]

Contrib Platform Pioneers Fractional Url Ownership and Tokenization of Digital Assets on the Blockchain


“What if you could buy digital future shares into a url? Contrib maybe is the Next big thing in the world of digital assets and cryptonomics. Contrib platform allows buying of micro digital share of a premium digital asset with Contrib, a transparent contribution platform for domains on the blockchain. Tokenizing Your Domains Real-world tokenized […]

Decentralized Labor and the Future of Work


Digitally decentralized labor, in simple terms, is when large tasks are broken into independent tasks — it’s the assembly line for the thought economy. With advances in smart contract technology, it may just be the future of work. Much like the far-reaching application of the assembly line in optimizing manufacturing processes, decentralized labor can be applied in […]