Stake and Mine CTB Tokens & Help Us Compensate You For Every Meaningful Contribution

We have just launched our liquidity mining phase with our CTB token. You can check out our press release here.

It’s easy to buy into CTB, earn and stake your CTB tokens but first let me tell you why it is wise now to invest in this emerging tech.

Staking and mining CTB tokens will allow us to improve our contribution platform.

(WIIFY) What’s in it for you?

Would you like to be compensated for every post, every comment, every review or every like? This is what we are trying to accomplish. In a perfect contribution platform, when you contribute a post, finish a task, create a youtube review of a website or a product that is in our network, then it gets posted to the blockchain once you hit complete and you get compensated with it’s project tokens or with CTB.

Contribution is not new.

Paying for contributions is certainly not a novel idea but implementing a transparent blockchain platform that tags every task to a contribution is definitely “new” and “contribution worthy”.

We have seen a lot of “for show” tokens, tokens that goes liquid in a couple of minutes. But what does it really do for you?

Why You Need To Be Part Of this Contribution Movement

I think with all the hype with farming and mining and creating liquidity in the blockchain, you can already decide what is worth contributing to. Who is worth investing into.

We know we are a small and fledgling blockchain dAPP but we have a great portfolio and a couple of stand out domains. We also have a network of 160k contributors with a 2.18% mix contribution ratio. But we understand that meaningful contributions is not just about capital and about getting liquid. It’s about getting eye to eye with the vision of Contrib’s platform.

Meaningful $1 Contribution Adds Equal Value

We need people to understand that contributing is all about adding value. So thus, when you contribute, you add value. When you add value to a project, it increases it’s theoretical value.

Would you be willing to invest in Facebook for $1 not knowing it would amount to $1000 in the future? No. But unless you know and understand it’s goals in the first place, then yes.

Today’s crypto investors are smart and intelligent. Unless, you the investors and contributors understand what we are trying to accomplish, we won’t have any investments, not even $1.

I hope with this article you can now choose to help and contribute meaningfully.

Would You Accept Our Invite To Be A Contributor?

With this video below we hope you can contribute to our project meaningfully and join our top network. We discuss daily here.

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