Contrib Platform Pioneers Fractional Url Ownership and Tokenization of Digital Assets on the Blockchain

“What if you could buy digital future shares into a url? Contrib maybe is the Next big thing in the world of digital assets and cryptonomics. Contrib platform allows buying of micro digital share of a premium digital asset with Contrib, a transparent contribution platform for domains on the blockchain.

Tokenizing Your Domains

Real-world tokenized assets are revolutionizing the digital industry and changing the way investors think about online assets. Till now, investment opportunities in the lucrative digital assets sector were reserved for big investors, developers, and brokers. In 2020, we will release Contrib’s crypto url platform to the public.

Features of Contrib’s Crypto Marketplace

Instant Tokens for your Domain

Now, divisible digital assets and urls are now available for fractional share distribution via utility tokens backed by future sale or profits of the asset using Contrib’s micro crypto Investment chain on the Ethereum node.

Increases your Domains Value

Contrib’s transparent crypto blockchain contribution platform will allow contrib vetted members to add their url and easily transform and increase it’s value by tokenizing the url and allow buying or selling of it’s Esh tokens to the url’s followers and patrons.

A Crypto Marketplace For URLS

Digitization of real-world liquid assets also benefits the asset owners. They are instantly linked to a global network of investors and able to trade and sell their assets 24/7.

Eshares and Capping Table

URL owners will be able to edit their eshares pie as they wish with 2% going to charities of your choice.

Make profit on Low-risk Low-investment Digital Shares

Investors who are risk-diligent may be able to participate in low investment buys of utility ESH tokens on premium domains such as,,