5 Major Blockchain Events for Autumn

BlockShow Asia by Cointelegraph will hold a series of five major meetups across Asia in September and October.

Designed to bring networking opportunities to users, investors and upcoming startups in the Blockchain sector, BlockShow Meetups will tour China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and India.

In each location, attendees will be able to get first-hand contact with the industry’s hottest developments and gain insight into the challenges surrounding Blockchain and cryptocurrency in 2017.

At the same time, BlockShow Asia Meetups aim to be an informal way for interested parties to mingle and learn about innovative decentralized technologies.

“We want to gather the best Blockchain projects that plan to run an ICO campaign, and connect them with investors at Blockshow Asia by Cointelegraph in November. An informal meet-up style roadshow allows us to do that in a cool way. It is very important to focus on ICOs and startups with investors at the meetups,” BlockShow CEO Addy Crezee commented.

Many Asian economies are a crucible for Blockchain innovation, as well as different approaches to regulating the technology.

Going to ICOscar

Beginning in Singapore Sept. 8, the BlockShow team will be in Shanghai Sept. 17, followed by Hong Kong Sept. 20, with further dates in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore before a final two day event in Delhi, India Oct. 5-6.

Cointelegraph has been working in partnership with prominent Blockchain startups in each location, including Access in Singapore and Malaysia, and Energy Blockchain Labs in Shanghai.

The journey does not end in India, however. Throughout the meetups journey, startups will have the opportunity to win a place at ICOscar competition at BlockShow Asia by Cointelegraph, set for Nov. 29-30 again in Singapore.

The winning startup from a list of between six and ten shortlisters will win a prize worth $20,000 in partnership with major Blockchain platforms Waves and Qtum.

Source: https://cointelegraph.com/news/blockshow-asia-by-cointelegraph-announces-5-major-blockchain-events-for-autumn

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